Facebook Launches New Resource To Educate Users On Privacy

This afternoon Facebook announced a new “Facebook and Privacy Page” which will help further educate users about privacy settings on the site. According to Facebook, this new page will serve as an ongoing resource and a venue for having discussion with the users about Facebook Privacy. The company plans on posting resources that help educate users on how to control their information on the site.

Today the company also released a new video which helps educate users about controlling what information they share on the site. Over the coming days, weeks, and months, Facebook hopes to use this resource as a way to help inform users about what controls are available to them and best practices on the site. While it’s not stated by Facebook, we also expect this Page to serve as a way to dispel any rumors about Facebook selling information to advertisers, something they have avoided in the past.

You can learn more about the new resource via their new Page.

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