Facebook Launches New Ad Units for Pages and Events

Interested in promoting your Page or Event through Facebook Ads? Facebook has just created new ad units that should offer higher response rates.

The new units allow Facebook users to become a fan of your Page or RSVP to your event directly within the ad unit itself – just like Facebook’s home page engagement ads. Users can still click through to your Page or Event by clicking on the title, body, or image.

For CPC campaigns, Facebook will register a paid click on the “Become a Fan” or “RSVP to this Event” links in addition to the ad title, body, or image. However, Facebook will not register a paid click on friends’ names included in the ads.

Thus, even though users may not be clicking “through” to your Page or Event, they’re still engaging with your ad directly within the page they’re on. Facebook says clicking on a Page or Event ad, “automatically creates a story on the user’s profile page and possibly even in their friends’ home page Highlights—generating free distribution for you.”

It’s a nice addition to Facebook Ads that should enable advertisers to get more Fans and RSVPs – and generate more revenue for Facebook.