Facebook Launches HTML5 Resource Center, but Early Mobile App Platform Traffic Is Slow

Last week, the Facebook finally opened up viral channels to both iOS and HTML5 mobile developers, which could make it much easier for apps to acquire users cheaply. To push its nascent mobile platform forward, Facebook launched several resources around HTML5 this week to help lure developers away from building purely native apps. The new resource center contains things like example HTML5 apps from the Financial Times and Scribd and games like Angry Birds and Words With Friends.

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A week after launch of the HTML5 app platform and new viral channels for third-party mobile apps, the amount of traffic the social network is driving to individual HTML5-based titles seems to be in the low thousands of unique users. We looked at a handful of the apps that appeared on the company’s HTML5 mobile app showcase via AppData. Moblyng’s Word Racer Live and Social Poker Live each show 1,000 monthly active users or lower.

HTML5 is a key part of Facebook’s big play into supporting an ecosystem of mobile developers. However, because Facebook doesn’t own lower parts of the mobile stack like a phone or an operating system, its options are somewhat limited despite its more than 800 million active users.

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