Facebook Launches Events From Facebook App on iOS

The app allows users to discover upcoming Facebook events and keep track of events they're already connected to.

Facebook announced the release of its new events application, Events From Facebook. The app allows users to discover upcoming Facebook events and keep track of events they’re already connected to.

After users login to the Events From Facebook app, they’ll be able to select one or more event categories that they’re interested in, such as shopping, food and drink and games. Their selections will be used to personalize the event recommendations they’ll see in the app.

Events from Facebook 2

The app’s home feed allows users to browse events their friends are interested in, view updates from events they’re already connected to and more. The home feed also include links that allow users to quickly view lists of events happening “tomorrow” and “this weekend.”

Elsewhere, a search tab allows users to browse Facebook events in specific event categories, or browse all nearby events taking place “today,” “tomorrow” or “this weekend.” In addition to viewing nearby events, users can also search for events in any city.

When browsing all events for a specific time period, like “today,” users can filter their search results to only view events in one or more categories. Users can also filter their results to only view events that take place during specific times of day, like during “daytime” or “late-night” hours.

Finally, the app’s calendar tab allows users to keep track of all of the past and upcoming Facebook events they’re connected to. Users also have the option to import calendars from their phones into the app to view their Facebook events alongside their other events, and they can create new Facebook and Calendar events from this tab.

Events from Facebook 3

As users interact with events, such as flagging events as “interested” or “going,” their actions will also be visible on Facebook itself. In this way, other users can continue to see which events their friends are interested in, even if they haven’t downloaded the app.

The Events From Facebook app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store in the U.S. Facebook said the app is coming soon to Android.