Facebook Launches Campus Tour

Facebook has announced that they will soon begin traveling around the country to recruit the brightest individuals in the country. While they haven’t actually stated it as “the brightest”, the list of Universities makes it pretty clear what they are looking for. Right now they will be traveling to Berkeley, Brown, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Georgia Tech, Harvard, MIT, Michigan, NYU, Stanford, Texas, UCLA, UIllinois, UNC, Washington, Waterloo and Wisconsin.

They also plan on recruiting from a few MBA schools including Berkeley (Haas), Harvard Business School, MIT (Sloan), Northwestern (Kellogg) and Stanford GSB. The company now has over 700 employees and continues to grow rapidly. If you are fortunate to attend one of these schools, go check out the University Opportunities page.

It also appears that Facebook is using some of the classic Google recruiting models. The company has posted a puzzles page where software engineers can go find interesting puzzles and submit innovative solutions. There is a high demand for top tier developers and this is a great way to filter out qualified developers. Some of the initial puzzles actually seem pretty straight forward and not too complicated. If you are a developer and want to work for Facebook it may be a great way to get hired!