Facebook Launches Bug Tracking System for Developers

If you ever questioned Facebook’s dedication to its developer base, this should lower your concerns a little. Facebook has launched a public bug tracking system. While not a huge development undertaking, given that they leveraged the Bugzilla bug tracking system, all complaints were previously being emailed and posted in the developer forum. Want to track the status of your bug? Simply log in to bugzilla.

This is going to make it much easier for Facebook to track all the issues they are having with the platform. One thing that I wonder about the new bug tracking system is whether or not the system should be used to file complaits about applications being shut down (as Jason Beckerman previously experience) and similar complaints which aren’t necessarily development oriented. One thing is for sure: Facebook is dedicated to developers that are building applications on their platform.

The better the relationship between Facebook and the developers, the better relationships will be between developers and clients. Now the only step left for Facebook is to launch some sort of general support inquiry line. I would imagine Facebook will eventually have a call center in India answering all responses, especially if they end up raising another $500 million.