Facebook Launches Beta for Developers

Want to test out your applications before Facebook pushes their new updates live? Last night Facebook posted the following update to the Facebook Platform Status Feed:

We’ve gone ahead and staged www.beta.facebook.com with the code we’re planning on pushing out to the full web tier tomorrow (Tuesday) evening. We’re hoping this gives our developers a good stretch of time to test their applications against the release candidate and report any problems.

Go ahead and check out www.beta.facebook.com, and feel free to report any bugs using the Platform Bug Tracker.

This will be extremely useful for developers that were used to waiting to see if platform updates will destroy their application when pushed live. While most applications typically remain intact after Facebook’s weekly updates, a number of developers regularly complain about certain features no longer working. Hopefully Facebook decides to use the new beta service for the Facebook profile update which they will be holding an open house for this week at their Palo Alto offices.