Facebook Launches Application Feed Filters – First Look

Two weeks after Facebook launched News Feed filters for status updates, photos, and posted items, Facebook tonight launched new custom News Feed filters for individual applications and friend lists. The new filters are available under the “More Filters” drop-down on the top of the News Feed:

The new application-specific News Feed filters allow users to only show News Feed stories generated by a certain application. For example, here’s what my News Feed filtered by the Causes app looks like:

Friend-list News Feed filters work in much the same way, allowing users to only show feed stories from friends in a given friend list.

Facebook also turned on the “All Stories” News Feed tab tonight that allows users to view a full log of all their friends’ activity.

Overall, central to Facebook’s strategy in the coming years is owning the Feed data and providing a robust Feed experience. All user activity, from engagement with core Facebook services to Platform applications to Connect-enabled websites in the coming months, will flow through Facebook’s News Feed aggregation, selection, and distribution service. I expect Facebook to continue investing in News Feed infrastructure and consumption features to create an even more engaging experience.

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