Facebook Kills Pages Discovery Tool

Pages Browser Gone IconLess than two days after first launching the “Facebook Pages browser”, the company pulled the product. Our assumption is that the product wasn’t yet ready for primetime and the company was simply testing it out with a few users. However multiple sites picked up on the new feature over the weekend, which lead to it driving a lot of traffic. Now people have realized that the page is gone!

While we didn’t spend much time using the product, a lot of our readers said that they found it useful to have new ways to discover Pages. Granted, it’s pretty clear that Facebook doesn’t have an effective discovery mechanism, in contrast to groups which have their own discovery mechanism. While we’d expect Facebook to relaunch the product in the near future, we’re hoping that there is a deeper integration into Facebook as there was no way to navigate to this page.

Did you have a chance to view the Facebook Pages browser? Did you find it to be useful?