Facebook Kills iPhone Photo Uploads By Email

Yesterday I received a message from someone who was frustrated because they could no longer upload photos via email. When they attempted to send from their iPhone they received the following message: “Sorry, we cannot support uploads sent via email. Upload photos from your iPhone with our free application, Facebook for iPhone:
[link to application]”.

My initial response was to ask if he had an iPhone and if he did why he wasn’t using the Facebook application. He admitted that he did but brought up a good point about why Facebook should enable uploading via email even with the availability of an application. The main reason to enable the service was to make it possible to upload the photo to many sites via one upload.

While I can in someway understand Facebook’s position of wanting to drive as many users as possible to install the application, flexibility is key. Even the people that want to upload their images via email most likely have the Facebook application also. The individual that contacted me about uploading photos admitted to having the application but said he just wanted to have the ability to upload to multiple sites.

It’s really not that big of a change and while Facebook may want to lock people into using their application, it’s a fairly restrictive model. Is Facebook going to re-enable upload via email? I’m skeptical of it but it would be the right thing to do. Personally, Facebook Photos is my primary image storage location but many people like to also share via Flickr. How do you store your photos? Did you noticed that Facebook removed iPhone email uploads or do you use the application to upload photos?