Facebook Users Can't Get Enough Of The "Jersey Shore"

Apparently Facebook users can’t help themselves from watching the train wreck which is MTV’s “Jersey Shore”. To be honest, I can’t either. Despite killing brain cells every time you turn on the show, it’s pretty entertaining. The Jersey Shore Facebook Page has almost quadrupled in the past month to over 475,000 fans and now there’s also a Facebook application in honor of the show.

The “What Is Your Jersey Shore Nickname?” application has grown to over 2 million monthly active users. The application does exactly what you think it would and that’s it! I installed the app and found out that my Jersey Shore name is “The Tan-talizer”. Oh yeah! So no, there is absolutely no value in any of this however it is most definitely entertaining! Best of all, you can watch all the episodes of the Jersey Shore online for free via MTV.

For example you can watch episode 7 and watch one roommate hook up with the other’s sister. All that the roommates in the show accomplish is go out to drink every night. Then they end up punching each other in the face or getting punched in the face as Snooki does. I honestly can’t say that I’ve watched all the episodes but you can just about guarantee that every episode has another great quote in it.

Are you one of the millions of Facebook users who are fans of the Jersey Shore?