Facebook issues marketing guidelines for Pages

find us on facebook badgeWhile Facebook uses Social Ads and the News Feed to help brands promote Pages within Facebook, the task of promoting Pages outside Facebook is largely left to the brand owner.

In order to help marketers clearly promote Pages without causing Facebook brand confusion, Facebook has released the following Pages marketing guidelines:

1) Use or reference to the Facebook brand should not imply partnership, endorsement or sponsorship unless approved by Facebook Brand Marketing.

  • Example Do: “Find us on Facebook to discover more about…”
  • Example Don’t: Don’t: “Company X partners with Facebook in social advertising campaign”

2) Do not use icons, visuals, logos, etc. taken from the Facebook site. Instead, use the Facebook Page Badge or Facebook Page Screenshots.

3) A registered trademark symbol ® must be included in all print / online displays of logo or wordmark that reference the Facebook brand.

4) When advertisers request use of Facebook brand features, they may or may not require a Trademark License Agreement from the Facebook Legal team.

In other words, Facebook is trying to prevent folks from incorrectly implying special partnership or affiliation with Facebook to strengthen their own brand. (Does anyone know of any cases in which Facebook has had to crack down on folks for getting a little too eager with their Pages marketing?)

For more information and details on Facebook’s Page marketing do’s and don’ts, check out the Pages Promotional Guidelines page.