Facebook Is This Year's Christmas Hit, Becomes Most Visited Site In U.S.

According to analytics firm Hitwise, Facebook was the “most visited site in the United States on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.” This is a huge milestone for Facebook as it was the first time the company was the most visited site in the U.S. ever, beating out the search behemoth: Google. Facebook continues to surge in popularity and this latest statistic is a testament to the company’s ongoing growth.

Facebook will continue to battle Google as Marshall Kirkpatrick points out, and for the time being, Facebook has already won the battle in the U.S. for two days this year. As one person recently phrased it to me, Facebook wants to be the place you go before you search. The latest numbers suggest that Facebook is winning in this regard.

While many have presented the comparison of Facebook versus MySpace or Facebook versus Twitter, the primary competitor of Facebook has become Google. It will truly be a David versus Goliath battle as Facebook has a little over 1,000 employees whereas Google is moving closer to 30,000. Congratulations to Facebook on this latest milestone. Facebook’s road to the top is truly marked by one monumental achievement after the next.