Capri Pants Were a Topic to Watch on Facebook in July

Conversation volume about Hilbert’s Paradox of the Grand Hotel was up 34.2 times year-over-year

Are capri pants hot this summer? They were one of Facebook IQ’s Topics to Watch on Facebook for July.

Discussion on the social network of capri pants—and associated topics including clothes, cotton, dresses, jeans, leggings, Old Navy, shorts, skirts, spandex and trousers—was up 8.3 times year-over-year and 1.5 times compared with June, with women under 49 dominating the conversation.

Digital currency exchange and related topics—Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, currency, Dash, digital currency, Dogecoin, electronic money, Litecoin, Mt. Gox, U.S. dollar—was up 8.3 times in July compared with July 2016 and up 1.3 times month-over-month, largely dominated by males with the exception of a surge among women between 34 and 49.

Facebook IQ said of the next Topic to Watch, Hilbert’s Paradox of the Grand Hotel, that although it does not represent a tangible product, service or entity, it is being included to illustrate a growing trend on Facebook: “People consuming content on the platform that appeals to their technical/geeky side.”

Conversation volume about Hilbert’s Paradox of the Grand Hotel was up 34.2 times year-over-year in July, but just 0.5 times from June. It was mostly driven by younger males, with some help from women 18 through 24.

In vino veritas—a Latin phrase that means, “In wine, truth”—saw a 397.2 times surge in mentions on Facebook compared with last July, and it and its associated topics (Doc Holliday, film, huckleberry, love, vino, wine) were up 0.7 times month-over-month. Mentions of the phrase were dominated by males of all ages.

Love was in the air in July, as soulmate and related topics—Amistad, birthday, destiny, drawing, Facebook, friendship, life, love, soul, supernatural—saw mentions rise 13.7 times year-over-year and 0.9 times month-over-month. Women of all age groups were behind more mentions than men, but the latter gender accounted for its fair share.

Finally, the brain was on the brains of Facebook users last month, as stimulus and related topics—brain, consciousness, emotion, learning, memories, neuron, perception, touch, visual cortex, visual perception—saw conversation gains of 11.1 times year-over-year and 2.7 times month-over-month, largely driven by men.

We learned these things from Facebook IQ’s latest data chart called Topics to Watch, which is designed to help marketers know what subjects to look out for on the social network. The topics are based on trending data, and Adweek readers get an exclusive look at them each month.

Image courtesy of FeelPic/iStock.

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