It Was a Sleepy February on Facebook, as Lodging, Mattresses Were Topics to Watch

Facebook IQ's other Topics to Watch for February 2017 were clothes dryers, cryolipolysis, hair transplantation and infant bodysuits

Facebook users appear to have been feeling sleepy in February, as lodging and mattresses were among the Topics to Watch spotlighted by Facebook IQ.

Other topics to make the cut for February were clothes dryers, cryolipolysis (a medical treatment used to destroy fat cells), hair transplantation and infant bodysuits.

Men 35 through 49 drove the conversation about lodging and other associated topics—bed and breakfast, guest house, hotels, houses, inn, motel, tourism, traveling, vacation rental, wellness (alternative medicine)—and Facebook IQ said in an email to Social Pro Daily:

This is a big topic, so it’s interesting to see how it’s driving more volume over a long period of time. One of the associated topics is wellness, showing that, alongside other topics like traveling and bed and breakfast, people are looking to lodging as one part of travel to further immerse themselves, rather than just a place to sleep.

As for mattresses, women 25 through 34 led the conversation, and Facebook IQ said:

With an even gender split but skewing towards a millennial age bracket (25 through 34), people are gradually talking about mattresses more, and given the number of mattress and bedding startups disrupting the space with fewer options but convenient delivery to your door, it’s no surprise.

Facebook IQ also commented on hair transplantation, for which women 18 through 24 drove conversation:

With a skew toward younger women discussing this, as well as co-occuring topics like “permanent makeup,” hair transplantation is growing and moving away from just treating baldness. Permanent makeup was itself a Topic to Watch in September 2016, so we can see this as an extension of that trend.

We learned these things from Facebook IQ’s latest data chart called Topics to Watch, which is designed to help marketers know what subjects to look out for on the social network. The topics are based on trending data, and Adweek readers get an exclusive look at them each month.

Check out the full findings of this month’s Topics to Watch below:

Facebook IQ’s predictive tools analyze the long-term consistent growth of a topic on Facebook. Using data from hundreds of thousands of conversations, the social network said it’s able to forecast what discussions will continue to escalate based on how other topics normally trend upward in volume, variance and rates of consistent growth. When predicting whether chatter around specific topics will increase, Facebook stated that early tests have been 80 percent accurate.