How Marketers on Facebook Can Convert in a Mobile Minute (Report)

Mobile conversions outpaced desktop conversions on Black Friday and throughout the holiday shopping season, according to Facebook data, and Facebook IQ set out to find out why.

Mobile conversions outpaced desktop conversions on Black Friday and throughout the holiday shopping season, according to Facebook data, and Facebook IQ set out to find out why.

The social network’s research arm tapped internal data and commissioned a survey by Kantar, and its findings included:

  • Mobile accounted for 51 percent of online transactions during the 2016 holiday season, up 10 percent from the previous year.
  • Mobile conversions grow when users are likely on the move, such as during commuting hours, as well as during evenings, when they are likely watching television.
  • 30 percent of retail shoppers during the past month discovered new products or services on Facebook; one-third cited Facebook and Instagram as good places to find out about new products and services; and 20 percent said Facebook led them to online purchases of new products and services.
  • Facebook IQ had people watch the same videos on desktop and mobile, and those who viewed via mobile estimated their length to be 30 percent shorter than those who viewed the videos via desktop.
  • Shoppers who saw Facebook ads on mobile and completed purchases on mobile took 1.08 days less to convert than those who took both steps via desktop, or a 13 percent difference in speed.
  • 65 percent of respondents use retail aggregators to research and shop on their smartphones.
  • 38 percent wish they could do more shopping on their smartphones than they already do.

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Facebook IQ also provided the following takeaways for marketers:

  • Know the journey: People are turning to their smartphones more than to any other device, opening up new opportunities to capture their attention, be it on the go or on the couch. It’s time to get comfortable with playing with different types of content to reach and engage people on mobile.
  • Design for the thumb: Time flies on mobile, and so do people. Think of time as the new success metric, as saving people even a second of time can be a competitive advantage. When designing for the thumb, build content that is not only engaging but also addresses people’s need for speed and convenience.
  • Experiment with the experience: Creating micro-efficiencies for people is essential, and not just on mobile. This extends to products, merchandising and the in-store experience. With more savvy shoppers using their smartphones in-store, consider experimenting with how you blend online and offline experiences.

Readers: What are your thoughts on the findings by Facebook IQ and Kantar?