Facebook IPO Increases ‘Tech Bubble’ Searches on Google

Facebook had a rocky two days the stock market, sparking fears of a tech bubble. As you can see by the Google Trends chart embedded above, searches for the words “tech bubble” haven’t been this high since the LinkedIn IPO last year.

The Atlantic Wire saw a bubble: “Facebook’s second day on the market hasn’t eased our fears that we’re in a social media bubble. In fact, it only suggests the bubble is coming to its end. At this very moment, the stock is trading at around $34, down about 11 percent from its already IPO price of $38.”

Fortune ruled against a tech bubble: “So no, there is no bubble on any scale that should concern everyday investors in the stock market. The Nasdaq is, barring any global calamities, not going to lose three-quarters of its value. But there is a growing trend of dealmaking that seems to leave logic locked outside the conference-room doors. And there are few financiers in Silicon Valley who seem to care, creating a complacent environment where the nonsensical is increasingly received as sensible.”