Facebook IPO Colors Internet Week

Diller down, ecosystem up on the stock

For the most part, conference sessions can be canned affairs. But, for the most part, that’s not the case when Barry Diller’s onstage. It may be that the IAC chairman and senior executive is at such a point in his career where he doesn’t need to heed talking points and can instead speak honestly. Regardless the reason, he does.

On the stage during Federated Media’s Conversational Marketing Summit on Monday afternoon, Federated’s founder and executive chairman John Battelle asked Diller for his thoughts on the Facebook IPO. “I wouldn’t pay attention to [the stock] for several years,” said Diller.

Of course not everyone plans to take Diller’s wait-and-wait-and-see approach, particularly those at companies in the Facebook ecosystem. The Facebook Era author Clara Shih runs one such company as founder and CEO of social marketing firm Hearsay Social and said that she expects the IPO to benefit the ecosystem of companies that have built up around Facebook. After Facebook initially filed to go public in February, Shih said calls started flooding into Hearsay Social.

With Facebook going public on Friday, companies in the ecosystem have used the lead-up weeks to announce new products, platform updates, etc., and Internet Week will only see an acceleration of that. Today Buddy Media, one of the ecosystem’s most high-profile companies, joins that fray, and two of its announcements seek to answer a couple of criticisms Facebook has been hearing from Madison Avenue regarding measurement and mobile.

Buddy Media announced the ability to track conversions so that advertisers can see which of several posts linking to a Buddy Media social application led to which video views or contest entries. And while Facebook has admitted to struggles with monetizing mobile, Buddy Media has readied a mobile social app platform that will let brands run polls, product or photo galleries and video for users on mobile devices.

But perhaps the most interesting of Buddy Media’s announcement slate doesn’t have to do with Facebook. The company will be adding Pinterest capabilities that will let brands take content posted to Pinterest and run it on other properties such as their Facebook page or website. Arts and crafts retailer Michaels Stores has been testing the feature.