Facebook iPhone App Gets Version2

The Facebook iPhone app could just well be one of the most popular social networking applications for the iPhone. It’s certainly a great application which brings some of the functionalities of the web-based Facebook into this generation’s most popular mobile handset. Now for some bit of a good news, the Facebook app has just received an updrate and so we now have the Facebook iPhone app v2.

This new release of the Facebook iPhone app promises to bring more of the Facebook goodies into the iPhone. If the previous version of the app left us craving for more features, this time the Facebook iPhone application developer has heard all our cravings and wanting for more feature-rich Facebook app.

Facebook for the iPhone v2 now brings in the following features:

  • a better working Facebook Chat
  • Address book lookup
  • Easier to use interface that includes notifications and full news feeds
  • Post photos on friends’ walls and view their full profiles
  • Photo tagging feature
  • Enhaned search function for people search, friend requests and your full inbox/inbox search
  • Faster photo uploding
  • Upload photos from your library stored on the iPhone

Along with those new features are bug fixes and stability improvment, and most especially SPEED upgrade. Ok I know you’re raring to install this apps now. If you’re reading Rotorblog using your iPhone, simply tap into this link to open the Facebook iPhone app. If not, better head on to the iTunes Apps Store and download the Facebook app now. I just did, and I have to tell you, the start-up screen looks more robust and exciting now. Excuse me, as I check the features of the new Facebook app now.