IPad Version Of Facebook Works Well Despite Bugs

Facebook on the iPad has about as many bugs as the iPhone version.

Last night, I high-tailed it over to a friend’s who owns an iPad so we could check out the latest version of Facebook for the device.

The download from Apple’s App Store was simple enough but the application crashed a few times before launching. Apparently, that happened to other folks who downloaded it last night.

Try searching the terms “iPad and Facebook” on Twitter and you see complaints to the effect that the social network on the tablet has about as many bugs as one experiences on the iPhone.

However, users are saying Facebook’s own version of an iPad application beats the heck out of Oecoway’s Friendly.

We definitely found Facebook’s new app for the iPad to be an improvement.

Yet the killer app for the iPad has yet to be invented, at least from a creative perspective: If either Facebook itself of a third-party image editing application enabled you to use the tablet’s touchscreen to draw on photos — in other words to do things like tints, cropping, and so on — that would be a big hit. Maybe the iPad needs a stylus for that kind of innovation to occur.

Meanwhile, readers, have you had a chance to try Facebook on an iPad yet?