Facebook Introduces ‘People Talking About’ Metric

Pages Insights gets an overhaul

Facebook is giving brands another set of tools to measure the success of their Pages. A new metric called "People Talking About" (which might not be the final name, according to Mashable) is one of four that Facebook will track as part of its overhauled Pages Insights.

People Talking About, which will be displayed beneath the total number of likes on a Page, will measure user-initiated activity related to that Page, like posting to its Wall, commenting on it, mentioning the Page, or sharing content from it. The other metrics include “Likes,” “Friends of Fans,” which is the total number of friends a Page’s fans have, and “Weekly Total Reach,” which is an assessment of how many people have posted about a Page, how much viral distribution the Page (or elements of it) has gotten, and how many news organizations have referenced the Page within Facebook.

Pages Insights will also provide more data about specific posts on a brand’s Page.  Facebook will list a Page’s last 500 posts (which it began tracking in July), and count the number of engaged users, People Talking About rating, and virality (or number of users who commented) for each of those individual posts—although, as Mashable notes, Facebook won’t differentiate between negative and positive feedback.