Facebook Introduces Ads to News Ticker

But will anyone even notice?

Your Facebook home page is getting yet another update: In addition to every less-than-thrilling detail of your friends’ activities, the pretty much useless news ticker will now display advertisements—or, as Facebook calls them, “Sponsored Stories.”

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the changes to Mashable, explaining, “Sponsored Stories are an extension of News Feed, so we think it’s natural that they appear in ticker.”

Facebook isn’t by any means the first social networking site to include advertisements in its news feed. Twitter, for example, has long featured sponsored posts and trending topics. But Facebook users seem to get especially testy about changes to their own feeds: The ticker’s introduction in September (in addition to the rest of the home page's revamp) prompted a major backlash from the site's members, many of whom didn't see the point in a constant stream of their friends’ actions, as well as updates from brands and activity from apps like Spotify.

According to Mashable, the end goal of the ticker could actually be to serve as an advertising vehicle—and with most of the ticker’s initial opponents now just ignoring its existence, they’ll be a lot less likely to complain about an occasional Sponsored Story that they probably haven’t noticed.

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