Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition Opens Doors in Mobile

According to GigaOm (a story that was mentioned during our chat with GalleyCat’s Jason Boog this morning), bringing the two companies together is sending some people elsewhere. But for the most part, this acquisition was a way for both Facebook and Instagram to add to their dominance.

“If there is a positive outcome for rivals, the truth is it’s most likely to be a simple one: that Instagram goes mainstream and brings the idea of photosharing to the masses,” the article says.

In that sense, the 30 million users that Instagram already has is just the beginning and both companies will grow still.

The speedy growth of both Instagram and Pinterest (now the number three social network) show how much people love sharing photos. “Mobile is the future of photography and the tools used to enhance and share phone-generated images have value that is only expected to climb,” writes CNN.

This acquisition and the love of sharing snapshots creates opportunities for brands and companies, even as they’re still trying to capitalize on the new visual nature of Facebook Timeline. Zuckerberg said there would still be some separation between the two companies (“we need to be mindful about keeping and building on Instagram’s strengths and features rather than just trying to integrate everything into Facebook,” said Zuckerberg in yesterday’s statement), but there will be some integration to capitalize on the strengths of the two companies. Enhancing the on-the-go capabilities will surely be a focus.

Edelman has outlined some implications for brands, and they, too, highlight the mobile possibilities. “Facebook acquiring Instagram potentially means that brands no longer will have their content shared in ‘silos’ but instead as one larger social campaign across platforms. Think of the possibilities here – from tagging Facebook friends or fans in Instagram photos to geo-targeting Instagram pictures based on Facebook Places and everything in between,” their post says.

Is there anything that you think will come from this union? The comments section is open.