Facebook Insights To Take On Google Analytics

While we’ve previously written about Facebook’s need to provide a more reliable insights tool, the company’s latest JavaScript libraries suggest that the company is preparing to roll out Insights beyond Facebook. This is most likely part of the company’s Open Graph API product that will be discussed at the upcoming f8 conference in San Francisco.

Currently, the updated implementation of Insights is not completely detailed, however using a basic API call, developers will be able to track various types of events:

api_key: 'YOUR_API_KEY',
} );

While we are not sure whether or not the types of events will come from a preset list of values, this basic form of tracking appears to be similar to services like Mixpanel which let you track any type of event within your application. All developers will need is an API key. The concept behind Facebook’s Open Graph API is that any object on the web can be socialized.

Whether a brand or individual wants the robust features of a Facebook Page integrated into their site, or it’s simply a “Like” feature (details here), Facebook appears to want structured data about practically every object on the internet. As we race toward the company’s upcoming f8 event, we will no doubt here about additional products being rolled out by Facebook.

While the current Javascript code doesn’t specify where users can go to view the new analytics data, it’s clear that Facebook is staging a massive upgrade to the Insights product to the extent that it could soon compete with Google Analytics.