Breed With Your Facebook Friends In IncrediLand

Poking is so last year. IncrediLand lets you take things to the next level and actually breed with your Facebook friends. That's right - we said breed with your Facebook friends.

Poking is so last year. IncrediLand lets you take things to the next level and actually breed with your Facebook friends. That’s right – we said breed with your Facebook friends. Inspired by genetics and biology, this new Facebook app lets you create and raise different species and varieties of creatures, called Incredimals, and raise them from eggs to adulthood.

IncrediLand is the brainchild of CEO Yuval Amir. Amir has an academic background in biology and came up with the idea for the Facebook game after spending time studying dolphin behavior in Hawaii. In fact, many of the behaviors of the Incredimal species – the zany Zorg, the goofy Gambi, and the bold Boon – were inspired by dolphin behavior.

I know what you may be thinking. Biology? Genetic engineering? How is this fun? But the truth of the matter is that the science of breeding is actually the best part. Buy eggs and trade with your friends to collect as many species and varieties as you can and if you’re missing a specific Incredimal you can join forces with your Facebook friends to make it yourself (wink wink).

My green plain short-horned Gambi is currently breeding (or at least it looks like he’s thinking about it) with a lovely yellow spotted short-horned Gambi. I can check out a genetic calculator to see what their baby is likely to look like and learn about things like genetic probability and dominant characteristics.

According to the genetic calculator it doesn’t look like I can expect these two cuties to make a red spotted Gambi (the probability is 0 out of 100), but a green spotted Gambi may not be out of the question.

But enough about my Gambi. Let’s leave him to court and breed in privacy. Check out the video below to find out more about IncrediLand and the Incredimals. Create colonies, train your Incredimals, enter them in competitions, buy, sell, trade with IncrediLand’s virtual currency, Incredicoins, and socialize.

The first thing that stood out to me about IncrediLand is the awesome visuals. The Incredimals are cute as a button and the different islands on IncrediLand look pretty cool too, though I currently just have access to Gambis Island until I collect more Gambi varieties.

IncrediLand is offering Social Times readers the opportunity to start the game with 300 Incredicoins instead of the usual 100 so click here to get started and be sure to let us know what you think about the app in the comments. I should note that I had a pretty fun time checking out IncrediLand but I see how it would be a heck of a lot more fun if I had more friends playing too. After all, breeding with an “Incredi Friend” robot is fun, but breeding with your real friends is surely a whole lot better. So when you hop on the boat to Incrediland be sure to take a couple friends with you for breeding.

And speaking of breeding, it looks like my Gambi has made up his mind about our lovely yellow spotted friend. These two are gonna make one heck of a cute Gambi baby.

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