The Facebook Inbox Has Reliability Issues

Last week Kristen Nicole, the other writer of this site, temporarily lost almost 1,000 messages from her Facebook inbox. This week other users have been reporting the issue including Stefanos Kofopoulos who received multiple errors stating that “Sorry, the contents of this thread are temporarily unavailable. Please check back later.” Many users have hundreds if not thousands of messages now on Facebook and are becoming increasingly reliant on the service for daily communication.

While Facebook continues to expand to the rest of the web, they’ve yet to expand their inbox functionality. While the company added search capabilities to the inbox, that’s about all they’ve added in years. Many active users have been asking for POP3 support but Facebook hasn’t yielded to their demands so far. One addition they did make is the ability to reply directly to messages from within your email which is definitely a step in the right direction.

Personally, the only messages I’m able to respond to are email messages and having to go to Facebook to reply to other messages can be pretty annoying. Then again, the only people complaining are the “Facebook power users”. Aren’t these the people that Facebook should be catering to though? While I haven’t been having inbox errors like others are reporting, I definitely have plenty of personal inbox issues.

Have you been having Facebook inbox issues as well? What problems have you been having? How do you think Facebook could improve their overall inbox experience?

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