Facebook Launches HTML5 Resources to Boost Newly-Launched Mobile Platform

To push its nascent mobile platform forward, Facebook launched several resources around HTML5 today to help lure developers away from building purely native apps.

Last week, the company finally opened up viral channels to both iOS and HTML5 mobile developers, which could make it much easier for apps to acquire users cheaply. It could help make Facebook a must-have instead of a nice-to-have option for Android and iOS developers, many of whom have migrated from building canvas apps on the Facebook platform. iOS developers have long desired a good social graph to distribute their work on, but none of the networks like Game Center have emerged as decent sources of new users.

However, HTML5 is still lagging and as we reported yesterday, early traffic results are low for the HTML5 part of the platform with a few games receiving about 1,000 monthly active users each. That said, it’s still early and over the long-term as browsers improve, HTML5 may become more important as an easy way to deploy a single app across a fragmented ecosystem of multiple devices and operating systems.

The new resource center contains things like example HTML5 apps from the Financial Times and Scribd and games like Angry Birds and Words With Friends. There are also several resources on where to find emulators and simulators for testing apps on multiple platforms like iOS and Android.

The site also seems fairly agnostic between different platforms. There’s advice on how to take advantage of social channels and app bookmarks on Facebook, but there are also links to resources on submitting apps to the Chrome web app store and to native app stores.