Facebook Hosts OpenID User Experience Summit

Today Facebook is hosting the OpenID User Experience Summit during which a number of people are ultimately discussing the look and feel for OpenID and OAuth and what the user experience for these open standards are. If all of this sounds like gibberish to you, don’t feel bad. The main point here is that there should be standards for users to store their identity anywhere on the web with an identity provider (such as Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, etc) and then share that information with other sites.

Facebook Connect currently achieves this using their own standard but the open stack proponents believe that there should be a common standard moving forward. Neither party has “won” per say, today’s discussion is an interesting thing to watch (you can view it via the embedded uStream below). Today’s discussion is focused on tangible walkaways.

Developers, designers, and geeks are getting together to discuss what the user experience should look like. If you want to have your say in how things should proceed, you should probably be sitting over at Facebook right now. Check out the streaming video below, courtesy of Dave Morin. I’m hoping that Dave archives it and makes it available for future embed for those not currently watching.