Facebook's New Homepage Goes Live

This afternoon Facebook launched the updated version of their homepage for the majority of users. If your homepage has not yet updated, you will see it change by the end of the week according to Facebook. We’ve been discussing the updated homepage design for the past week and how this will impact brands and users. Facebook said that the homepage will be streaming but as far as I can tell, you must refresh in order to view any updated feed items.

In contrast to before when you could click the streaming live feed, or click over to just the links being posted, the feed is based on a filtering system. You can filter your individual feed based on friend list categories as well as the various applications. The highlights area of the feed is extremely interesting. Highlights are created from various applications including Facebook’s standard apps (videos, photos, events, notes, etc).

One story which appeared to be absent from my own news feed was the story which says “15 of your friends just changed their profile photo”. I’m assuming that will reappear at some point in the near future. In a few minutes I’ll be hopping on a call with Facebook to discuss the new homepage and will update this post with information that I receive from them.

Has the homepage switched over for you yet? Do you like the new design or prefer the previous version?

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