Mark Zuckerberg's Original Website Auctioned For $30,000

The web address originally used by Mark Zuckerberg while at Harvard,, has sold.

Another chapter of the real-life version of events portrayed in The Social Network has been closed: The web address originally used by Mark Zuckerberg while at Harvard, has sold at auction for $30,201.

Like the domain name auctioneer said on the page touting the sale, this was the opportunity to buy a piece of Internet history. Or maybe not.

Perhaps there’s very deliberate publicity strategy in allowing this URL has hit the auction block in the first place. By releasing control of the domain to whoever bids the highest, the events depicted in “The Social Network” would seem easier to label as fictional or at least embellished by the screenwriters. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone who works in a publicity capacity for the company advised Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg to let the domain name expire.

I’m willing to bet hard cash that Sony Pictures won the bidding for the domain name, as the company already owns The auctioneer dropped that hint on the sale page:

This is a piece of Internet history – history of a website that perhaps is second only to Google in Global influence!

This website was prominently referenced in the first scene of the recently released move “The Social Network”. Traffic has syrocketed since to over 1000 hits a day past 2 days. but is approx. 600/mo on a normalized basis.

Not only that, the site is currently leased (no contract) on a month to month basis to an upstart Social Network for $100/mo and they are open to discussing Equity ownership in Feb 2011.

Several inquiries and offers have been received – I thought it would be best to list it for auction.

See the WHOIS Archive for proof:

Note his Harvard email address and his mailing address at his parents home in NY.

Sony Pictures owns!

Readers, who do you think will win the bidding on this domain name and what purpose will the new site serve?

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