Facebook hires: mobile program manager, global sales development lead, mobile UI engineer, product release specialist, more

Facebook removed 28 job listings from its careers page this week, likely after filling roles in the areas of communications, software engineering, user operations, strategic partner development, marketing, sales and others.

Prior listings removed from Facebook’s careers page:

  • Manager, Technology Communications (Platform) (Menlo Park)
  • Software Engineer, Database Engineering (Menlo Park)
  • Mobile Program Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Partner Manager, Latin America Preferred Marketing Developer Program (São Paulo)
  • Product Release Specialist, User Operations (Menlo Park)
  • Mobile User Interface Engineer (Menlo Park)
  • Mobile Program Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Application Engineer, Infrastructure (Menlo Park)
  • Software Engineer, Tools Engineering (New York – Seattle – Menlo Park)
  • Administrative Assistant- Stockholm (Contract) (Stockholm)
  • Administrative Assistant (Menlo Park)
  • Executive Protection Specialist (Menlo Park)
  • Recruiting Programs Associate, EMEA (Contract) (Dublin)
  • Application Engineer, Infrastructure (Menlo Park)
  • Strategic Procurement Manager (Dublin)
  • Account Manager, Polish (Warsaw) (Dublin – London – Warsaw)
  • Strategic Partner Development, Platform (Menlo Park)
  • Strategic Partner Development, Community Partnerships (Menlo Park)
  • Account Manager (MENA) (Dubai)
  • Account Manager, French (Dublin – Paris)
  • Client Partner, Turkish (Dublin)
  • DSO-EMEA, Regional Sales Trainer (London)
  • Gaming Account Manager, Russian (Dublin)
  • Global Sales Development Lead (Menlo Park)
  • Manager, Global Marketing Solutions (Washington)
  • Sales Development Consultant (Menlo Park)
  • Internet Marketing Partner Associate (Dublin – Menlo Park)
  • Lead, Vertical Measurement – Autos (Menlo Park)

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