Facebook Hires Google and VMware Engineering Leaders

Facebook has just hired senior engineering leaders from Google and VMware. They bring a variety of experience building browser and virtualization software at their past employers.

Matthew Papakipos is a former director of engineering at Google, and he just tweeted this: “Now that Chrome OS & WebGL are in good shape, it’s time for something new. I’m going to work @ Facebook! Love the product and team. Woot!” During his three years at Google, according to his LinkedIn profile, he started and managed the Chrome operating system project, led its user interface team, the OS’ HTML5 APIs, and related software projects.

Jocelyn Goldfein, meanwhile, is the former vice president and general manager of VMware’s desktop business unit; she worked her way up engineering teams over the course of her seven years at the company. Her LinkedIn profile currently says that she is: “Spending time with family. Next stop: Facebook!” She previously worked at MessengerOne and pcOrder.