Facebook Hires General Counsel

According to the LA Times this morning, Facebook has Ted Ullyot as its general counsel. Ullyot has a jam packed resume including “serving as a White House lawyer who helped coordinate the response to the investigation into the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity and serving as chief of staff to former U.S. Atty. General Alberto Gonzales.”

As the company continues to fight legal battles against both spammers and competitors, it has become increasingly important to have an in house legal advisor. Apparently another reason for the hiring was Ted’s strong affiliation with the Republican party. Apparently this is important because the company already has strong ties to the Democratic party.

Probably the most important position in Ted’s career was Senior Vice President and General Counsel at AOL Time Warner. As the LA Times points out Ullyot is also a fellow graduate from Harvard University, the same university that Mark Zuckerberg temporarily attended prior to dropping out.

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