Facebook hires: Carsabi team, head of policy France, marketing mix science lead, client partners and more

Facebook this week hired Dwight Crow and Christopher Berner, the team behind used car price comparison site Carsabi. The founders are looking to sell the site and move on to other projects at Facebook.

The company also appears to have made about a dozen other hires this week based on LinkedIn activity and listings that have been removed from its careers page.

New hires according to LinkedIn:

  • Christopher Triolo, Software Engineer – former Computer Science Laboratory Teaching Assistant at Princeton University
  • Aurélien Fredouelle, Ingénieur logiciel – former Ingénieur logiciel bas-niveau et avionique at MBDA
  • Andy Molloy, Global Sales and Services Support – former MSc Supply Chain Management at Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business UCD

Prior listings removed from Facebook’s careers page:

  • Head of Policy, France (Paris)
  • Marketing Mix Science Lead (Menlo Park)
  • Academic Relations Program Coordinator (Menlo Park)
  • Assistant Facility Manager (Prineville)
  • Chief Facility Engineer (Prineville)
  • SMB Associate, French (Dublin)
  • User Operations – Contract (Menlo Park)
  • Client Partner, Norwegian (Dublin)
  • Client Partner (Toronto)
  • Client Partner, CPG (Atlanta)
  • Client Partner, Entertainment (Los Angeles)

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