Facebook hires Deirdre Davi as Director of Marketing for US/Canada

DeirdreDaviFacebook announced a high-profile hire Friday, as Deirdre Davi will join the social network as the company’s Director of Marketing for the U.S. and Canada.

Davi comes to Facebook from Sterling, where she was the Executive Vice President for the past 11 years. With Sterling, she led the technology strategy practice by managing relationships with companies such as Google, Intel and T-Mobile. For the past five years, she’s worked almost exclusively with Google to help drive sales and increase the company’s thought leadership visibility and ad revenue.

A Facebook spokesperson commented on Davi’s role with her new company:

She’ll be helping marketers understand how Facebook can drive results and develop go-to-market strategies for key product updates, initiatives, and more to support sales goals.

Here’s a look at a recent blog post from Davi, explaining how advertisers need to have an updated and viable content strategy:

To feed the beast, marketers have to live with imperfection and uncertainty more than ever before. They need to be making new, relevant and interesting content all the time, every day, related to what their brand stands for, and what their brand is doing. When faced with creating content, we all wonder what to say, and how to make sure what we’re creating is good enough. The real challenge with a content strategy isn’t so much that the beast needs to be fed, but overcoming the fear of our ability to create, uncertainty about what works, and doubt about whether anyone is listening. The cool part about this new world of content strategy is that we have the opportunity to see over time what people find compelling, what breaks through and what might actually motivate customers to act.