Facebook Helps Woman Find Lost Engagement Ring

A woman who lost her ring on the beach recovered in 36 hours later after posting her loss on Facebook.

You probably wouldn’t think to use Facebook as a lost and found service, but maybe you should after you read this.

A woman in New Zealand lost her engagement ring on a beach in New Zealand while playing with her son. She dug in the sand on her hands and knees looking for the ring, but it was gone, according to New Zealand’s North Shore Times.
Sarah Wheeler is getting married in a month, and said the ring also serves as her wedding band, so she was even more anxious to recover it in a hurry. She turned to Facebook to post a status update about her lost ring. A friend saw her update and copied it on her own wall, asking for her network to pass it on.
Lucky for Wheeler, the right person saw the post the second time around. Apparently someone she didn’t even know offered her the use of her son’s metal detector, which ironically had been used to recover a lost ring in the past, according to the article.
Wheeler’s fiancé and his friend went back to the beach at midnight (man, he must have been pissed) with the metal detector, and he recovered it around 1:30 am. Just 36 hours after the ring was lost, it was found and given back to the bride-to-be.
What do you think about this story — did Wheeler got lucky, or can Facebook really help people find lost things?