Facebook Helps Police Department Recruit Officers

Police officers in Indiana are using Facebook to recruit new employees.

Police officers in Indiana are using Facebook to recruit new employees.

When Police Chief Kris Wolski and Lieutenant Bryan Ervin posted a shout-out for qualified applicants to apply for a job on the department’s Facebook page, they reportedly received more than 400 applications, which is the largest pool of applicants they’ve ever had, according to the Palladium-Item.

“It’s a new age,” Wolski said. “The bulk of our applications came through electronic media.” He said they received applicants from Alaska, California, Miami, Florida and “all points in between.” He also said he got a fair share of viable local candidates.

The department’s Facebook page has more than 4,500 followers and admins post multiple times a day with engaging posts including a reoccurring “Today’s Good News” post and wall posts that ask for tips from the community in tracking down missing people and criminals.

Page admins also frequently post photos along with wall posts, which typically can help with user engagement. Staff personalize the page, giving it a community feel by answering questions asked by followers on the page.

Perhaps the take-away here is that no matter your business, you can greatly benefit from having a robust Facebook following. With the little effort it takes to post engaging content on the social network, you can build a dedicated following which can help in a variety of areas – even employee recruitment, evidently.

Have you ever used Facebook to promote a vacancy at your company, agency or department — or have you applied for a job via the site?