Facebook Headed Back to Court

The case that was once considered settled with ConnectU is back in court. The Winklevoss brothers and their team of lawyers believe that they now have new evidence that could help them win their case. The courtroom was barred from public access yesterday as the hearings got underway. One judge has already reduced the new case to “buyer’s remorse” but a San Jose court has been willing to give the two companies a hearing.

The two companies are now engaged in a debate over whether or not the initial settlement was binding. The ConnectU team argues that it was not binding as they were mislead into accepting Facebook stock as compensation. Additionally, ConnectU claims that they have new evidence in the case. As I had written in a previous article, it appears that the company now has copies of instant messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg that proves mal-intent.

This has now become the never-ending lawsuit. At this point the press is simply speculating about where this will go but it appears that the ConnectU team is not backing down, even threatening a fraud suit if their evidence is not heard. These guys just don’t give up!