Facebook Has Become My News

I recall one of the venture capital bloggers a few months back saying that the most important news to him was local news. This was because it involved his family and his community. For me a similar phenomenon has been happening but instead news for me is what my Facebook friends are doing. I now have enough Facebook friends that there is constantly something interesting going on. I’ll be doing some work and then suddenly I find myself navigating back to my Facebook homepage to see if there is any new news. I can see what events my friends are going to (and try to somehow figure out a way to attend as well if I am interested), find out what they did this past weekend, find out how they are feeling based on status updates, or learn about new relationships. Let’s be honest, the most important thing to us in this world is ourself and family and next comes friends. Just as Abraham Maslow argued in 1943, we have social needs. Facebook has suddenly become part of my social fulfillment. In a somewhat strange sort of way, I still feel connected to my friends since I can see what is going on in their lives with a time delay that is shorter than the local news. This is truly a revolution in social relationships. MySpace and all the other social networks never provided the sort of news feed that I’m getting from Facebook. Once MySpace and the others duplicate Facebook’s news feed I’m not quite sure what the incentive will be to switch to Facebook but I have a feeling that they are working on something that will be an even greater incentive. Are you experiencing the same sort of revolution in social relationships as I am as a result of Facebook?