Facebook Has a Tough Start to the Week

Yesterday many Facebook users were reporting significant problems when logging in to Facebook. Some users couldn’t access the site at all while others were having issues with the feed and were not able to access other services around the site. As Facebook shifts the users over to the new design there continues to be significant problems.

Some browsers can’t render the new Facebook forcing many away from the site. Many of the other complaints have stemmed from users being unfamiliar with the layout of the new Facebook design. Ultimately Facebook will need to work on educating users about the new site layout. There has already been a substantial fall-off in usage of certain areas of the site due to the redesign.

While certain features are still available many users simply don’t know how to navigate the site more effectively. One specific feature that many users haven’t been able to figure out is how to remove applications. While it has been benefiting application developers, many users are now clueless on how to remove apps completely. That’s because it now takes 5 clicks instead of 3.

While Facebook will make the new design the default design, it’s clear that the roll-out may not be that quick. That’s because Facebook is still resolving bugs. Have you been experiencing issues with the new design?