Facebook Growth Increases in Latin America, Argentina Now Largest Country in Region

As we’ve seen in other parts of the world, Facebook continues to grow by more monthly active users every month in Latin America. This past month, it grew by 3.9 million users to reach 39.3 million monthly actives in the region, according to our Global Monitor report. This is up from the approximately 2 million it gained in September.

Argentina and Mexico continue to lead the growth charts, gaining 637,000 and 772,000 new users, respectively. Argentina also passed Colombia to become the largest in the region, with more than 7 million monthly active users. However, Mexico has a larger overall population and a lower Facebook penetration rate, so we expect it to pass Argentina at some point.

That’s among Spanish-speaking countries. Brazil is the largest country in the region, has the lowest penetration rate, and also gained 558,000 last month to be the third fastest growing country. If this pace continues, which it is on track to do, the Portuguese-speaking country will eventually be home to the most Facebook users on the continent.

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