Facebook Group Rescues Divorcee From Poverty

Warm-and-fuzzy alert: Friends rallied around the organizer of a Facebook group who fell on hard times.

Facebook has a way of showing people who their real friends are whenever misfortune strikes.

That’s what Amy Pugh experienced when her husband walked out on her, their two children and three months of unpaid bills.

She’d been using Facebook to organize her 20th high school reunion, tracking down many former classmates on the social network.

While she was planning the event in Michigan, her husband was also using Facebook — to coordinate a long-distance affair.

Ten days after the reunion, he took off, possibly headed for Kansas. She kept quiet about it for two weeks, but some of the 250 friends who’d joined the reunion group on Facebook noticed that she seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

They asked her if she was okay, and once she finally admitted what happened, she got the outpouring of support we’ve come to expect on the walls of the newly single and otherwise bereaved.

The 250 friends that Amy had reached out to on Facebook created a page she couldn’t see and raised several thousand dollars for her bills, according to the Detroit Free Press. They also donated gift cards, diapers and hot meals.

Like 38-year-old Amy told the newspaper:

When they told me about it, I cried and cried and cried. I can’t believe the outpouring of support and prayers and gift cards and even cash that has come my way.

The support included the opportunity to bond with another friend who commiserated about her own bad divorce, which doubtlessly yielded therapeutic benefits lasting beyond the financial aid.

Do you see anything in Amy’s Facebook experience that reminds things your own interactions, or those of your friends on the social network?