Facebook “Graphic App” Scare Just Another Chain Letter

The latest Facebook privacy scare simply asks you to unsubscribe from updates from your friends and family.

Facebook is generally considered the ‘family’ social network. Everyone from your high school and both your immediate and extended family has a page. You don’t necessarily curate a group of interesting, dynamic individuals like on Twitter, Google+ or Instagram. Instead you build a list of people you already know.

Between the banal “like if you like kittens” and “share for support” posts that litter the newsfeed, every once in a while something claiming to be more important will crop up. These claims range from playing games leaks your credit card info, to random pages are stealing your baby photos.

Right around the eighth or ninth time you see a warning about the latest terrifying thing, you begin to wonder just how internet savvy your friends and family are. The latest scare in circulation is the “graphic app post”, as it’s being called. It begins innocuously enough as most of these posts do:

“I haven’t wanted to do this, but after finding all of my photos located on another site, I would like to ask a favor of you…”

With less than five minutes of Googling you can discover that this post, while not particularly damaging, is ridiculous. It’s simply another new-school chain letter that asks you to repost the status and make changes to your Facebook account where no changes are needed.

The greatest irony of the post; the changes it asks you to make to protect your friend’s privacy.

3. Uncheck “Life Events” and “Comments and Likes.”

All it does is turn off updates from your family and friends. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all.

Photo credit:  avlxyz