Facebook gives users new ways to add movies, books and more to Timeline

As the new Timeline and News Feed rolls out to more users, Facebook is providing more ways for users to share stories about the books, movies, TV shows and music in their lives. This week we found ways for users to add movies to their “watched” or “want to watch” lists directly from News Feed. Users can also do the same for other content they find on friends’ profiles.

For example, when users see stories in News Feed about items friends have added to their Timeline, they can click a plus button in the corner of the item and select a list to add it to and who to share it with. This became available for music stories last week, and this week we saw it become part of movie-related stories, such as the one below.

These features encourage users to connect with more pages, which ultimately improves the social network’s ad targeting, search results, News Feed relevance and recommendations.

From a friend’s profile, users can also find movies, books, TV shows and music to add to their own Timeline and About page. These modules appear on the left-hand side of the new Timeline design.

If a user has already added an item to a list, a small checkmark will appear in the top right corner.

So far we haven’t seen Facebook provide these same options on stories where users share what they are currently watching or listening to. These structured status updates haven’t rolled out to many users yet, but perhaps when they do, Facebook will make it easier for users to take action on them and add more content to their Timelines.