Facebook Gives Tips to Social Ads Advertisers

In order to help advertisers use Facebook’s Social Ads service more effectively, Facebook recently sent the first edition of the Facebook Ads newsletter to owners of Facebook advertising accounts.

They’re pretty basic tips, especially for advertisers experienced with SEM or contextual targeting. The highlights:

Use Keywords – Narrow your audience to people who have interests that are related to your product or service by including keywords in your targeting. Keywords are taken from interests and other favorites (like movies, music, and books) that Facebook users include in their profiles. Try including some of the keywords in your ad text too. Your ads will appear more relevant and be more likely to perform strongly.

Stand out – Write clear, concise ads that speak directly to your targeted audience. Be sure to highlight any special offers or sales that are available and end your ad with a strong call to action like “Click here for more info” or “Shop and order online.” Oh, and include your brand or company name and an image of your product!

Optimize – Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ads and targeting. Be sure to check in on your ads regularly to monitor their performance. Try new combination of targeting, creative, or bid amounts using the data available in your Ad Manager from past ads to help guide your edits.

I wonder if Facebook will create an API for third parties to optimize bidding? Advertisers interested in trying out Social Ads can check out the Facebook Ads page.