Facebook Gives News Feed a New Look on Mobile

Facebook released changes to comments, navigation and more

Facebook released a series of changes to News Feed, with the goal of making the feed “more readable, conversational, and easier to navigate.”

As part of this update, post replies and comments are now placed in rounded message bubbles, giving comments and threads an appearance similar to conversations in Facebook Messenger.

In addition, story titles on posts (such as “Chris’ post”) have been removed, eliminating empty space from the top of the screen. Users can also now swipe out of a post to return to the News Feed view.

In a Facebook Design blog post, Facebook product designer manager, Shali Nguyen, and design director of Facebook News Feed, Ryan Freitas, commented on the navigation changes:

The team opted for consistent back affordances across all the immersive views in addition to reducing the redundancy between our navigation bar and the title of the story. We also improved the transition from News Feed to story view by making the content expand in place creating a sense of remaining in context.

Nguyen and Freitas added:

We’re continuing to build on to the system from here and nothing is ever “done” at Facebook. As Facebook designers, we put people at the center of everything we do, so we set out to improve the experience in a meaningful way. This is a unique design challenge because we did not want to just “fiddle at the edges”, but rather make something that billions of people use every day less frustrating. We’ll be continuing to learn, iterate and improve upon our new foundation, but we’re hopeful this is a step towards a better Facebook experience.

Users can learn more about the News Feed updates in Facebook Design’s blog post.

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