Facebook Gives Developers More Metrics – But Who Can You Turn to For Real Insight?

Although it did not provide developers with very much information at all for the first few months of the Platform’s launch, Facebook has been steadily adding more metrics to the Developer dashboard and API. Just yesterday, Facebook released additional API methods for developers to get weekly and monthly metrics for their apps (in addition to the daily metrics it already provides).

While this is great basic information, developers who want to more deeply understand their users’ behavior need more powerful analytics solutions. Who can they turn to?

Thankfully, specialized analytics services built for the Facebook Platform are now also becoming more sophisticated. While many developers will build their own analytics systems that gather and analyze user behavior data, here are 5 top third party tools designed to help developers understand what their users are doing. Check ’em out!

KISSMetrics is a new service started by Hiten Shah. While not much has been publicly announced, look for product announcements later this year.

Sometrics is a new service recently funded by the MailRoom Fund started by Ian Swanson, Matt Gray, and Joe Hsieh in Los Angeles. Sometrics looks at demographics, user interests, and social actions (like sending links or uploading photos) to help developers know more about who’s engaging with and clicking on their ads. By combining analytics and ad platform services, Sometrics hopes to be able to help developers make more money.

Kontagent Viral Analytics is a new service started by Albert Lai that’s focused on providing Facebook product and marketing analytics in one integrated package. Kontagent offers viral channel effectiveness tracking and optimization, A/B testing tools, and cohort analysis.

Developer Analytics is a new service created by Charles Yong, Richard Chen, and Jing Chen. Watch for product releases in the near future. In the meantime, the dA website tracks top applications and provides predictive demographics and application overlap/affinity information in the “Advanced Statistics” of each application’s stats page.

Refresh Analytics is a simpler service that provides developers with daily snapshots of geographic, age, gender, education, political, and religious distribution, and allows developers to see trends in its user base over time. However, it does not provide behavioral information like page views or time spent.

And of course, there’s always Google Analytics. While Google Analytics can’t help with many of the social and viral metrics that many of these packages can, it can always serve as a good baseline for comparison.

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