5 Tips For Choosing A Prize For Your Facebook Giveaway

Here are five tips for choosing a prize for your next Facebook giveaway.

This time of year we see a lot of brands hosting promotions on their Facebook pages.
Giving away fancy electronic items seems to be the trend as of late.
However nice these prizes are, a more expensive prize does not always guarantee more likes.
There are other things to consider besides cost.
Here are five tips for choosing a prize for your next Facebook giveaway.

Be Audience Specific

Your Facebook audience are those people who have already liked or have potential to like your page based on their characteristics, interests and buying behaviors.
It’s best if your chosen giveaway item is not generic, but rather a prize you believe your targeted Facebook audience would appreciate.
Selecting a giveaway prize that is specific to your user group and their interests will help to increase the number of highly targeted Facebook fans your page receives.

Don’t Let it Cost An Arm And A Leg

You’d be surprised, giving away a $5 jar of jelly could generate just as many Likes as an iPad giveaway. For your first couple of promotions, try starting with a smaller, less expensive prize.
If the results of your first giveaway meet or exceed your expectations, you can feel good knowing you didn’t have to totally break the bank buying your giveaway prize.

Use What You’ve Got

When deciding on a prize for your giveaway, a trip to the store or an online purchase isn’t always necessary.
The most affordable and often the most exciting of prizes your company could giveaway are prizes from within your own business.
A chance to win free service for a selected period of time, a free product, or even a free piece of content are all great ways to promote your brand as well as save on a costly giveaway prize.

‘Tis the Season

Seasonally timed prizes are a great way to tie in a promotional theme, as well as attract new users to your Facebook page.
For example, during the first two weeks of February giving away a great jewelry set or a dinner-for-two giftcard are prize options that are appealing due to their seasonal relevance.
Using holidays or well-known festive events as a compliment to your chosen prize allows for you to be more creative with how you chose to promote your giveaway.

Discounts Count

Discount-style promotions are great because everyone wins. Traditional giveaways that promote having one grand prize can be can be viewed as discouraging to many users.
The mentality often is since there is such a small chance of winning, why even enter? To avoid this problem, promote a discount or coupon code with the use of a fan gate — that way, everyone wins.
Readers, can you think any more good tips to share?
The team at ShortStack put together this guest post. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.