Facebook Girl Bot Says She'll Do Anything You Say

Ashley Boo's Facebook profile promote Video Chat Rounds, a video chat application.

Meet Ashley Boo. She says she’ll do anything you tell her to — as long as it’s one of the things she’s been programmed to do.

She’ll start a food fight, travel the world, go on a date and even get down and dirty (censored, of course!). Just type in what you’d like to see Ashley Boo do, and then watch her do it. Simple as that.
Ashley Boo is an interactive profile created to promote Video Chat Rounds, a video chat application. The message behind her existence dovetails with the vendor’s slogan, “At Rounds, There’s Always Something To Do.”
Just like this fun interactive app lets you “do something” with Ashley, Rounds lets you “do something” with your friends, whether it be chat, watch videos, play games or take pictures. The app might not have a whole lot to do with video chat, but I think it’s a cool promotion, nonetheless.
According to Natasha Shine, Social Community and Marketing Manager at Rounds, Ashley Boo can do 35 different actions. Some of them are used for multiple commands; for example, travel, go on a trip, and vacation all have the same result.
If you give a command that doesn’t fit into one of the 35 actions then Ashley will tell you, “I don’t want to! Try something else…” I have to say though, that I tried a lot of different things, from dance to sing to pig out, wrestle, go on a date and have sex — you know you would have asked for it too — and there was an action for all of them. The only thing Ashely Boo didn’t want to do for me was drive a car.
Readers, what do you think about this tactic for promoting Video Chat Rounds?