Facebook Gift Wishlists — New App Takes Guesswork Out of Holiday Shopping

More and more family, friends and co-workers have fallen victim to receiving a re-gifted present instead of getting what they really want for the holidays. Facebook is here to take the guess work out of finding presents for family and friends.

Are you guilty of re-gifting presents that you didn’t even want in the first place? Facebook wants to give their users an early present for the holidays – a brand new app made to help you break the habit of re-gifting and give your friends and family what they really want for Christmas and have them get you what you really want, thus breaking the cycle.

The app creating such a holiday buzz is called Fulfill My Wishlist. It allows Facebook users to create a list of the top 10 items they want to see under the tree come Christmas morning. Items are added via an online shopping portal and if you cannot find the gift you want in the portal you also have the option of describing what you want. Once a user has added an item it is directly placed on your wall and on the homepage of all your friends and family.

Surveys conducted by Harris Interactive, a market research company, have shown that out of the 1,500 Americans surveyed well over half admitted that they have re-gifted and the others admitted that they have received gifts they were tempted to re-gift.

According to Regiftable.com, a website created by Money Management International (MMI), found that in an effort to save money during these tough economic times is the reason why so many re-gift and why it is growing in popularity. According to Sharon Feingold, Applify Social Media Labs founder, she is looking to change all of that:

“Fulfill My Wishlist essentially takes the complicated guess-work and cumbersome list-building out of holiday shopping. A Facebook user can simply visit the app to see all of their friends’ wishlists compiled in one place,”

“Christmas shopping can be very stressful. The pressure, the stress, the anxiety, the crowds, the deadline of December 25th…and not knowing what people really want leaves you taking random stabs in the dark. Our app aims to eliminate that stress, so people can simply enjoy the holiday season.”

“And, with 500 million people now using Facebook, its user-base has become cross-generational. A grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter might all be connected on Facebook. These are essentially the same people sitting together for Christmas dinner and opening up presents under the tree.”

The app is not just for the holidays, it also allows for the user to receive a reminder via email when a friend has a special occasion coming up, from an anniversary to a birthday. The reminders can be set to be sent from one day to a month in advance.

If you have any further questions about the app, please contact Applify Social Media Labs at info@applifysocialmedia.com